Abigail Duhon 'Right Now' CD

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Introducing Abigail Duhon's first ever national release! Check out her project with iShine and see for yourself what all the excitement is about as she performs her power pop music magic.

If you want to jump, dance, and have some clean fun, these are definitely your jams. Abigail has been featured on Pop Radio with a top 40 hit "LaLaLa" and appears in the hit movies God's Not Dead and God's Not Dead 2!

Tracks include:
1: Lalala
2: Right Now
3: Beautiful
4: Interlude #1 (I Wanna Stand Out)
5: Who Are We
6: Friend Request
7: Loves Electric
8: Outrageous
9: Life of the Party
10:Interlude #2 "His Princess"
11:Praying For You

Abigail Duhon - Creation NorthWest 2014