Mission Six 'Shockwave' DVD CD Combo Disc

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Mission Six with their "MVP" DVD-CD combination disc Shockwave!

You will LOVE the jolt you'll receive from this DVD, VIDEO, and Music CD combo. The guys of MISSION SIX bring their music up a notch for this crazy video and music entertainment experience! GREAT resource for youth or pre-teen ministry use, Bible studies, Sunday School, and much more.

SHOCKWAVE contains all of the following:

  • MUSIC - 10 songs with downloadable code for tunes to your device
  • VIDEOS - 10 music videos
  • SONG EXPLANATIONS - 10 lessons/stories from the band members
  • iSHINE KNECT EPISODE - 1 full episode starring the guys
  • BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO - Fun never before seen video

Songs included:

  • Shockwave
  • Lifted High
  • Heaven Down To Earth (radio hit)
  • Out Shout The Lies
  • Shine
  • + 5 more!