Storms Of Life Curriculum - Teen or Young Adult Bible Study

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BRAND NEW! Our new Storms Of Life Student Study dives into the vast ocean of desiring to go beyond living a stressed out and overwhelmed life. All the while being hit by life's trials and tribulations.

This 8-week study looks at the opportunity to impact student's beliefs and worldview by being courageous and seeking to engage the issues that hit them every day - head on.

Storms in this life are unavoidable. They can also be very stressful and overwhelming. Some of them you can see approaching from a distance. But in most cases that does not lessen the impact once a storm hits.

Students are going to wrestle with day-to-day challenges of growing up, finding out who they are, adopting a moral code, and whether or not they will embrace faith in anything outside of themselves.

The STORMS OF LIFE study opens up the floodgates to the hurricane of conformity, temptation, core beliefs being tested, the reality of Jesus, identity issues, school and peer struggles, self-esteem, and the difficulties tied to entering into adulthood - all in one thunderous study experience.

Jump into the water with us. Ignoring that storms don't take place in a student's life is no longer an option. Deal with the reality by taking this 8-week journey into the eye of that hurricane approaching. This is the STORMS OF LIFE Student Study.