iShine Teen Girls Interactive Bible Devotional Combo

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The iShine Girls Bible gives pre-teens and teenagers the technology they love to use combined with the spiritual content and tools they need to discover God for themselves!

Special features inside of this special edition Bible, offer unique youth content with online interviews with iShine artists and actors. The iShine Girls Bible will help your young person see how much they’re valued by God, what their true identity is in Jesus, and discover God’s higher purpose for their life. It features the New Living Translation (NLT), perfect for young readers. 

The iShine Girls Bible is available in leather-like binding.

Our iShine Girls Bible (NLT) and Daily Devotional (with Mary DeMuth) combo (YOU GET BOTH!) are written and designed specifically for kids (ages 7-13) or teenagers to enjoy and grow from. Each resource will provide a head-start for those desperately in need of biblically based materials specifically made for the student.