GRAD PACK #5 'Teen Girl Deluxe Graduation Pack' CDs Tshirt DVD Journal Book

Our iShine GRAD PACK #5: Teen Girls Deluxe GRADUATION Pack (for teenage girl grads) is a GREAT way to show some love to that friend or family member that is graduating junior high or high school! Retail value on this package is $100. The package is ON SALE NOW, but is only good through the month of May.

The iShine Teen Girls Deluxe Graduation Pack Includes, ONE of each item:

  • Official iShine Girls Journal
  • "No Fear Because We Believe" T-shirt (your size, as available)
  • Alexis Slifer "Famous For” 6-song CD
  • The Rubyz "I'll Follow You" 5-song CD
  • Manic Drive "V.I.P." full-length CD
  • Road Trip To Redemption Family Book
  • Alexis Slifer "Genesis" full-length CD
  • iShine Knect "Worship Mania Live" DVD